Our Art
images by lisa lee
original works caught through my viewfinder

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Hi! I am Lisa Lee Kohler.

I got my first camera in the 6th grade and have been happily snapping away ever since. My first paid published photo was for Car & Driver Magazine in 2004. It was a fluke.

In 2015, a friend & gallery owner saw a photo I posted on social media. It was the “orleans cross.” He told me he wanted a print. So I stopped into the local drug store, printed an 8×10 and presented it to him. He said, “No Honey, that’s not what I meant.” And then invited me to join an art show at his gallery, and much to my surprise, people bought them! Holy Cow, maybe I’d been an artist this whole time and didn’t even know it.

I started to enter art shows; my work was accepted and often rewarded. I have exhibited at the Trumbull Art Gallery, YMCA’s BIKWIL Art Show, the YWCA Women Artists: A Celebration! Art Show, Canfield Fair’s Fine Arts Display and the Butler Institute of American Art.

A review from LensCulture Emerging Talents stated: “Lisa Lee, thank you for sharing this work! You see the world in a very interesting way, and I think that it is important that you continue sharing how you see things. You have a very eclectic collection of images, but they are all tied together by your vision. This is something that many photographers struggle with, so as you move forward, I hope you can continue to keep your own voice. – I can’t wait to see where you take this Lisa Lee. You understand how powerful photography can be, so you just need to take it to the next step! Be patient on this journey, and remember to appreciate the hard work that you’ve done along the way.”

When my very dear friends, Mike & Karen Naffah asked if I would be a part of this project, Scacchetti’s Ironwood Grille, I jumped at the chance. It has been a wonderful experience to coordinate the artwork for this great space. I am indeed blessed.

Much of my work originates in the city of New Orleans, as did my favorite review to date. Singer/Songwriter and all-around Renaissance man, Paul Sanchez, who wrote, “New Orleans unfolded for you because you wanted it to, your photos see beauty in a flower and a gutter. You’re home.”

I believe home is wherever I am, camera in hand. I hope you enjoy my original works, caught through my viewfinder. Not trying for a destination, the journey is beautiful.